Meet Artist Francis Victor Garibay

Where are you from? Mexico City

When did you first realize you were an artist?  I never really looked at myself as an artist I mean I always loved to draw and I did get in trouble since I was 5years old... let me explain, (laughs) I used to move things around the house to paint behind the tv, couches, anything that didn’t catch people’s eye and eventually spring cleaning came around and my mom would freak out, but she said no matter what, every year new pieces came alive... haven’t stop since.

Who inspires you?  My friends Oscar Meza, Danny Minnick, Sean, my friend Alex from upstairs, Muska the list goes on.

What’s your background?  Lets see I grew up in Panorama City, left there when I was 15 to live in Venice Beach, then South Gate and slowly made my way into Downtown Los Angeles, and I have to admit L.A. brings the best out of me.

What role does the artist have in society?  Without art there’s no society every person in this world is an artist some just figure it out sooner than others.

Explain your process.  Process for my art?  Let’s see a shit ton is layering and whatever I feel like doing at that moment in time.

What art do you most identify with?  I wouldn’t know,  I seriously don’t look at other artist at all or don’t even know the type of art there’s out there I’m clueless.  

What type of art medium do you most enjoying doing?  Oil pastel, they bring out the rawness of the piece.

What’s your strongest memory of your childhood?  My Mom working 3 jobs to provide for her family.

Why art? Why not.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?  My Mom’s; she constantly repeats to me make the right choices.

Thanks Victor - I’m inspired and I hope everyone who reads this feels the same way.


photos: Alex Weld